Energy and Environment: Addressing Your Concerns
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Energy and Environment: Addressing Your Concerns

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact they are having on the planet. If you are one of these people, we hope that this blog can help you. We designed this blog so we can bring you lots of useful and relevant bits of info which will help you to make an informed choice when investing in green energy solutions. We don't work in the green energy sector but we do care a great deal about the environment and this passion drives us on to research and write the articles you see posted here. Please visit us again soon.


Energy and Environment: Addressing Your Concerns

Three Things You Should Know Before You Hire A Rubbish Skip Bin

Dana Hoffman

Skip bins are a great way to help clear out a whole chunk of rubbish for both residential and commercial properties. Not only are they easy to hire, but they are also very prevalent across Australia, which makes them almost the universal choice. They are far easier to organise than a council clean-up, and they allow you to get rid of tonnes of excess material. With all that in mind, it is important that you understand exactly what the limitations of a rubbish skip bin are and how you should plan for your rubbish skip bin's arrival.

Not Everything Can Be Put Into A Rubbish Skip Bin

Your rubbish skip bin is not your regular general waste bin, and there are some slight limitations on what you can put in them. Generally, these can be narrowed down into three categories:

Food and garden waste: Organic material can stink up the skip bins and also cause mould to grow which is not really something the contractors want to deal with.

Paint: Much like food and garden waste, paint is a very messy substance that can be hard to clean out. 

Dangerous chemicals: Skip bins are not a way for you to get rid of harsh chemicals, oils or explosives. There are proper avenues to dispose of these items, and you should follow your local government regulations on how to do just that.

Sizes Change

There is no universal skip bin size, and many contractors offer multiple sizes. Take advantage of these offers because you can often save money by downgrading your skip bin's size to one more suitable for your purposes. Larger skip bins also require more space and are harder to get items into, and they really should be reserved for construction and professional needs only. For residential rubbish skip bin hire, look for mini-skips. These are more manoeuvrable, still offer a lot of space and will save you money! 

Delivery And Positioning

When hiring a skip bin, many people think of it in the abstract rather than actually planning where they are going to put this large, heavy-duty bin that will need to have items put in it. The last thing you want to be doing is ferrying all of your rubbish and waste to a place that is difficult to access when carrying these heavy items. Clear a space near the building, and, if possible, put all your larger items in first so that you understand how much space you have left. Don't wait for the truck with your skip bin to arrive before you plan where to put it, have it thought out and make the entire process easier for everybody.