Energy and Environment: Addressing Your Concerns
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Energy and Environment: Addressing Your Concerns

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Energy and Environment: Addressing Your Concerns

Three reasons for getting a soil test on your land

Dana Hoffman

Soil testing is a simple method of determining the health of a piece of land. If you are unsure if you should carry out the procedure on your own land, here are some of the reasons that such a test can be beneficial.

Understand the soil

It is especially important to have soil tests carried out when you first buy a piece of land, as an understanding of the chemical and biological properties of the soil can be vital in trying to raise crops. A successful harvest will depend upon being able to feed the land with the right balance of nutrients and fertilisers. There is no point in wasting money on nutrients that are not needed, but it would be disastrous if the soil has a deficiency that is not addressed. For the same reason, you should ensure your soil is tested if you have not done it for a few years. The quality of your crop will only be as good as the quality of the soil it is grown in.

Diagnose problems

A second reason for having a soil test is to identify the causes if you are suffering from a poor harvest. Low yields or diseased crops can easily be the result of a depleted soil, and you may not be aware of the problem until it is too late. There may also be a build-up of toxins in the soil which is harmful to the plants you are trying to grow there. In either case, you will not be able to solve the problem until you have identified it, and a soil test is vital if you want to repair the damage and bring your land back to a healthy and fertile state.

Monitor progress

Finally, soil testing will enable you to keep an eye on your practices and ensure that you are keeping your land in good condition. If you have made any changes because of a previous soil test result, you will need to keep testing to ensure that these changes have had the desired effect and the situation is improving. Regular soil testing will also provide you with an early warning of any problems that arise, allowing you to take swift action before the quality or quantity of your crops are affected.

Get in touch with a soil testing company today, and you will ensure that your land remains in a healthy condition.