Energy and Environment: Addressing Your Concerns
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Energy and Environment: Addressing Your Concerns

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Energy and Environment: Addressing Your Concerns

Why Your Business Needs Fire Wardens

Dana Hoffman

Most businesses and organisations install fire alarms, extinguishers and overhead sprinklers to help minimise fire damage. However, they forget the human element of preventing and responding to fires. Fire wardens are members of your staff with the training needed to control the outbreak of fires. The excerpt below offers some compelling reasons why your business needs fire wardens and the considerations to make when conducting fire warden training at your organisation. 

Increasing Employee Trust

The presence of a fire warden can significantly increase employee trust. Most people do not know how to respond to a fire. Therefore, if your business has a significant fire risk, your employees could be sceptical about whether they can survive a fire outbreak. Fire wardens are friends and colleagues to your employees. They conduct regular training to equip your employees with the skills needed to escape a fire. For instance, they can train them to use fire extinguishers and avoid suffocation when escaping the fire.  

Examining The Effectiveness Of Fire Response Devices

Your fire wardens will examine the effectiveness of the various fire response devices on your premises. For example, they will ensure that you have suitable extinguishers and that this equipment is strategically located. For instance, you need a carbon dioxide or dry chemical extinguisher in your server room to put out electrical fires. A water extinguisher would be appropriate in the office where the fire could be caused by the burning of combustible materials. 

Initiating Fire Mitigation Measures

The fire wardens will assess your premises and advice how you prevent the outbreak of fires. For instance, they could advise you to rewire the building if the current electrical cables are worn out. Besides, they will train your employees on how to avoid risky behaviours that could cause fires. For instance, smokers should put off their cigarette stubs. Moreover, they should ensure proper storage of flammable products. The wardens will also train the employees on the safe use of kitchen appliances to prevent fires. 

Responding to Fires

In case of a fire outbreak, the wardens will help with evacuation before the fire department arrives. Given that fire spreads within minutes, the wardens will play a critical role in containing the fire and minimising human injuries. 

If you want some of your employees to undertake fire safety training, conduct thorough assessments to establish who would be interested in the training. Additionally, work with an accredited organisation that can structure the training to suit your organisational needs. 

Fire wardens are a critical element of your organisational fire safety measures. The professionals will increase employee trust, examine the current fire response devices, initiate mitigation measures and help with fire response.